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Thursday, August 25, 2016

The final word about TC notebooks and tapes

I write to update you about Tokyo Cowboys. The original tapes are still in the attic of the Flying Dutchman in London. Yes, that Flying Dutchman. It is owned by our brother-in-law Antonio, and he spent blood and sweat getting them to his place. I do not know what condition those tapes are in. What can the temp be like in London in the different seasons? All of the paper documents may be with those tapes.  I hope they are with those tapes. As you may know, all of our paper records: our journals, art journals, notebooks, notes from LFS days, notebooks from my end days in Tokyo. All paper records from 1998 - 2008 were destroyed in an asbestos sweep at the LFS bunker. We had stored several boxes of notebooks thinking they would surely be safe in the LFS bunker. It's meant to withstand nuclear war. But not asbestos. All of the film survived. It was the paper that needed to be destroyed. I don't think I can recover from this. Ten years of notebooks. But, I digress.

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