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Thursday, April 28, 2005

My friends...

One paid my phone bill. Two gave me some clothes. One gave Patrick some shaving razors. Several bought us food. One sends money monthly. Others offer advice, kind words and criticism. They are holding us up.

One offered to loan me her parents replete with their house in France. Some loaned me money knowing they will not be paid back for a long time.

The land lord blew out another meeting today. I'm getting nervous about where we will live after Patrick shoots his short in May. I know I can convince him to give us a free place to stay. I just have to meet him face to face.

Met my digitizing quota early today. Most of it was of Scott and Mark Saft. Good stuff of why Mark went to Japan.

Met with a friend of Gavin's. He lived in Tokyo for some time. American now living in London.

Saw "Tarnation." Disappointed. Just too much of the filmmaker in the film if that's possible.

18 responses for my ad for an unpaid intern.