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Saturday, March 19, 2005


call henry
dominique's paper

Networking in New Orlenas

My mom let me sleep in late this morning. I have to ask Kurt to take me up to her work place so I can pick up the car. Off to Jennifer's for 9:00. WWNO is playing Kermit Ruffin and begging for money. It seems like the public radio station is always begging for money, which is a shame. It is the city of music.

Jennifer and I talk about editing Tokyo Cowboys, my career, her philosophy on child rearing.

I go back to Chalmette to change clothes and re-group, but as soon as I step out of the car, Kurt attacks me about my lifestyle. I was lucky. My family never attacked my choices. They've always been really supportive. I guess I'm spoiled like that. Kurt thinks I'm wasting my life: "All that education going to waste. You starve. When are you going to make some money? How are you going to retire?" I tell him that I'm not going to retire...that I'm going to work until I die. As soon as I say it, I realize that we will never understand each other.

He also accuses me of being nosey about his business. When people call, I ask "may I ask who's calling?" Kurt says this is nosey. I say it's polite. You say tomato... But I get tired of arguing with him. I'm not going to change my life. He takes a different tact and tries to engage me in a conversation about my mom and their marriage. I tell him that it's none of my business.

I go see my mom at work for a little while...hang out with her and my sister.

At 3:oo I go up to the Bywater to meet Henry for coffee.

he takes me on a speed date with new orleans. i fall in love with the city.

ten hours later, i say good bye to henry.

But, I can't sleep