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Wednesday, April 17, 2002

The Thing that Interests Me

The thing that interests me is that these men have travelled half way around the world to make their fortunes. They didn't do it at home. And they travelled there alone. What brought them there? Why Japan? And how has this changed them? Are they staying just for the money, or is there something else?

There is a sense of freedom. And there is a sense of celebrity. It's a small community of foreigners. They have their own newspapers, magazines, societies. And, it's easy to get known there. They are big fish in a small pond. They are like the pioneers who went West in the US to seek their fortunes in the gold rich region. Or, they are like early explorers who went to seek their fortune in the new world. Now the cycle is completing itself. They are pushing further west, which brings them back East.

So I guess that's my metaphor. And how are they viewed back home? And, what price are they paying? They are thousands of miles away from their families and childhood friends. How do they compensate for this? They go over the top by spending loads of cash on their castles. A tour of the castle and of their offices is necessary. They are very proud of those things.

Their relationships to women is another thing. Relationships. How are they different? There is a different set of rules. How do they feel about that? And they have a different set of morals by which they live. As long as they stay within the proper laws of Japan and they stay ethical in business, they can pretty much do whatever they want in their personal lives.

The money is a big thing as well. Where do I get the money and the camera? If I can just get a free camera or the money for the camera, things should work out. I think if I can't get the camera for free, I'm going to need £60,000.

Went to the bookstore today and started reading Hokkaido Highway Blues by Will Fergerson. Very good book about a Canadian guy who hitch hikes the whole length of Japan following the cherry blossoms. The really funny thing is that I think I might know this guy. We were in the same region, in the same program at the same time. I know this Will. I just can't picture him.