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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Credit Hell

Against my better judgement, I applied for one of those no interest for 12 months of new purchases credit cards. I don't like credit...believe it is the spawn of Satan. But, the need for the new editing suite has caused me to consider selling my soul. Anyway, the angels protected me because I was turned down. It's insane that after 6 years of living here and with the same bank, I still cannot establish credit. Called the bank, and they will loan me the money, but the interest would amount to nearly £500. Are they having a laugh? I can get a better interest rate from a loan shark. So, my next plan is to borrow it from work. I've emailed SSB to see if she will consider it.

Other than that, I'm praying for this big gig through Spencer. If we get it, we'll be able to pay for the computer outright and have some left over for Christmas. Don't want to get too excited about it, though. These are times in which we must get in touch with our pragmatic selves.

Speaking of Spencer, PJ showed him the clip from Tokyo Cowboys on his iPod. He was really impressed and wants to use some of the TC footage to pitch the big gig.

That is all.