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Friday, April 15, 2005

Little by Little

Worked on the website a little last night as I was digitizing. Have a terrible cold, which is really dragging me down. My mom is freaking me out about the damp in our flat. She says it could kill us within the year. I think she's over-exaggerating, but it is unsettling. We need some place light and airy. I'm at Agile's offices today, and something like this would do...a bit open space on the ground floor for the office and a big open basement for sleeping. That would be ideal--a place where we could live and work.

I'm going to pitch our landlord on Tokyo Cowboys. Hopefully, he'll take the remaining 33 shares in exchange for free rent. That way, Patrick and I can edit full time without having to worry about taking odd jobs. I think he might go for it, but it will have to involve a move to another place. This place is disgusting. The floor is coming up in the kitchen, the shower doesn't work properly (it goes really hot or really cold with no warning). The dryer doesn't work, and the washing machine is on it's final leg. The kitchen sink clogs and flods whenever we run the washing machine. The entire bathroom ceiling is covered in mold (how do you get rid of that?), and that's not the half of it. I'm trying to make light of this. I'm trying to be of good cheer.

Yesterday I captured the first of the Jason stuff. I wasn't really sure about Jason as a character. He's only half in Tokyo. But, I really liked the footage. And he does represent something that I'm trying to get at. All of these guys are just regular guys...just like you and me. But there was something that compelled them to go to Tokyo. Something called them there. And because of that, they are the cowboys. It just goes to show you that all of us can be Cowboys. All it takes is a little bit of accident.