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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Free flat and office space in Central London

My brain is a bit mush this morning. Decided to push it and digitize 12 tapes today to keep on track for the 30 a week. I still have 11 to do tomorrow plus a full day of work at LFS. Then a location reckie for Patrick's short in the evening so, so much for having a day off. Can't remember the last day off I had. Must have been in Sweden over Christmas break. That was so divine. All I did was sleep and eat and read. How I long for a few days of that in the countryside somewhere.

Spoke with my landlord today about our flat situation. We've been living with mold climbing up the walls for 6 months, and it's started to move into my lungs. Coughing and snotting up green lugies. It's grossing even me out.

I'm trying to get him to move us and to give us free rent in exchange for Tokyo Cowboys sweat equity. I have a proper meeting with him on Tuesday to pitch. He's got a place...a building that has an extra room for Patrick and me and one for adam. We'd be sharing with 4 other guys...all is the land lord's son. There is office space in the basement. It *sounds* great....ideal even. Especially if it's free. And, it's just 7 minutes walk from our old place. with 6 guys, sharing a kitchen and two bathrooms? I'm gonna be 40 this year. Is this where I imagined myself at 40? I have fallen so far from my high flyin' life in Tokyo with massive flat, dinners out and new socks whenever I needed them.

I suppose I could glamourize it...i'll be living in an artist commune...i'll have office space. blah, blah. I guess the most important thing is that it will definitely be cheaper than where we are now. And that means that we can dedicate more time to editing the film instead of working shit jobs to pay for rent.

Completely out of money again. This whole artist game is one of stamina...seeing how long you can hang in there before selling out. I could sell out. Been made offers for Tokyo Cowboys if I turn over creative control. But really...I can't do that. I promised the investors and the cowboys. I promised myself. And I promised Patrick. So, just gotta hang in there.

So tired.....