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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Exit Plan

Patrick suggested that we edit in Sweden. His mom has offered us the summer house to work in. It's in the middle of no where. There's lakes and forests and fresh potatos growing in the ground. The salmon is good, and the air is fresh. We're gonna head out in August. Until then, there's a lot to do. We need to wrap up all of the unfinished business and plan for summering in Sweden.

The other thing we have to think about is the exit plan. I have to be back here in October as I can't be out of the country for too long because of my visa status.

Gavin is buying a house in East London. He's offered us a room in it. We are seriously considering it. Then we wouldn't have to worry about coming back to London. It will all be sorted. Yes, things are conspiring for us.

I'm really tired. I've been working long hours and long weeks again. I was supposed to take today off, but here I am up at the London Film School shooting stills and sending out emails.