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Monday, May 30, 2005

Tokyo Cowboys Update

Dear Tokyo Cowboys Supporters,

It's June, and the summer is arriving in fits and starts here in the UK. Again, I'd like to thank all of you for your interest in and support for our little film with a big heart. It's been a long, long road, and we are grateful you are still along for the ride.

Here's the news:


1) Welcome New Investors
2) An Army of Interns
3) Digi-Bits
4) Patrons offer Money and Shelter
5) Calling all Hands
6) "Making of" planned for DVD


Tokyo Cowboys welcomes two new investors to the fold. Thanks for your support at this crucial time. For those of you who've been thinking about investing, there are only 22 shares left (and they are flying off the shelves as I write this). As always, shares are only £500 each. Have a look at our generous investment pack for more information (email

Your investment could fund part or all of the following:

Logging & Digitizing
Purchase of another HD (see below)
Sound Design
Music Rights
Web Design & Marketing
Festival Submission


Tokyo Cowboys is now supported by an army of talented and hard-working interns. Assisting with the post-production and researching and planning the sale and distribution of the film are their remits. They are helping us to rev up for the grass roots, kick-ass marketing we have in store for the film. We'll have more information about our marketing ideas on the website soon, but, if you just can't wait, email me.


Our goal is to log and digitize 30 hours of footage a week. We've been able to keep to this schedule since acquisition of the new 1000GB hard drive. This process takes about twice as much time as there is footage, so Patrick and I are working back to back to complete this crucial first step of editing by the third week of July.

One snag is that we will soon need another Hard Drive. As we are still under funded we are totally dependent on new investors to purchase a new Hard Drive and therefore move ahead. One new investor could get us the drive. We'll need it within 9 days. I'll keep you posted in the blog.


Long-Time Tokyo Cowboys Patron "N" has once again offered her patronage with a check to our land lord. This money allowed us to reduce our paid work last month and dedicate more time to the edit. Thanks again, N, for your generous support.

New Tokyo Cowboys Patron, "KJ," has offered us shelter at her summer house in Sweden for three months. This will allow us to concentrate on the edit full time without having to take on any paid work. We'll be in Sweden from August and return to the UK in late October. Thanks KJ for the kind support!

If you'd like to become a Tokyo Cowboys patron, please e me for more


Are you interested in seeing some of your camera work or hearing some of your sound work in Tokyo Cowboys? We are looking for specific aural and visual recordings. If you have them or can acquire them, you could see your name in lights. Email me for a list of requirements.

6) "Tokyo Cowboys--The Edit"

We will be video journaling during the edit. This footage will be available on the final Tokyo Cowboys DVD, and clips will be available on-line. Check the web site often for more and more clips of the Cowboys and the Filmmakers.

That's it for now. Thanks again for your support, and don't hesitate to contact us. Please feel free to pass this email to your friends and family. Signing the guest book on the web site at will ensure that they get their own copy of Tokyo Cowboys updates.




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