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Thursday, May 05, 2005


I think the landlord is blowing us out completely. He showed me the flat w/ office, and it was a shambles--the basement office won't be ready for months, and the room was smaller than what we are in now. It just won't do. He also wants to charge for it...more than we are paying now, which I think is really cheeky.

Patrick suggests we become homeless...sell everything, buy and ibook to edit on and move around from friend to family member to friend. It's how Charlie is living at the moment, and he's glamorizing it so much. I don't think I could become homeless...not sure if I could handle it. But it might be our only option.

As for logging...loads of Ken and Aki these past few days. They inspire me.

Met up with Brad (contact from Gavin). He's an IT American who lived in Tokyo. He's trying to help us out with funding.

Been working loads of hours at the night job, so my time schedule is all messed up. Don't know what day it is.