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Thursday, April 18, 2002


American Movie

Can I communicate the story without Voice Over? That's what these guys did. But, then, there's Sans Soliel, which is such a beautiful film and I think will have a lot of influence on me. But is it accessible?

What do I want to communicate? Because that's what it's all about. I suppose there's a continuing sense of longing. The longing has not been satisfied even with all of the money, toys, etc. There's a restlessness. Or, maybe that's just me projecting.

I want to focus on their personal lives. How has all of this success, life style and money changed them?

What about the issue of objectivity? I know these guys. Can I be objective. Eric says "I don't want to make a fan movie."

Every night I finish off a pack of ciggies and say "that's the last one." And every morning...Oh well. Someday they will be illegal.

I'm going to Prime Time to be Patrick's groupie for an hour or so.