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Friday, June 25, 2004

Zygmunt Bauman

Met up with Ben, who is an independent producer. He's acting as a sounding board. I babble about what the film is about, and he plays devil's advocate.

I've also been calling all of my contacts in Tokyo trying to get money to finish the film. No luck yet. I've made a list, and I'm calling round every day.

There's a guy called Zygmunt Bauman. He's a professor at Leeds Univ., and he's written loads of books on postmodernism. My library is the Boarders on Charring Cross Road. There's a coffee bar there, and they don't mind if you bring their books in. So, I use it as a library. I must remember to thank Borders in the credits of the film. That's also where I did all of the research for the film. And, of course, that's where I discovered Bauman.