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Saturday, August 07, 2004

August Update

Dear Friends of Tokyo Cowboys,

Its time for another update on the progress of Tokyo Cowboys: the documentary.

The TC web site gets a face-lift

The Tokyo Cowboys web site located at has been given a complete makeover. It has been literally handcrafted, and offers more new content and easier navigation. Future planned content includes up-to-the-week production diaries and clips from the rushes, which will be added in the coming weeks.

We want the web site to be vibrant, and you can help us out by participating in our first ever campaign "Spot a Cowboy." Armed with your keitai, go hunting for the cowboys. If you spot one of our cowboys, snap a picture, and email it to us with a caption. Well put it up on the web site. If you don't have a camera with you, tell us by email where you spotted them and under what circumstances. Well publish that as well.

Another way to help is to sign the guestbook. That way, we know who you are and what you like.


The first phase of editing has begun! We are now logging all of the footage, which means looking at 450 hours of footage and making notes on whats good and whats brilliant. At the same time, Daneeta is working on the paper edit. This involves writing out the edit on paper, which shots and sound bits will be used where and how the story will progress. The paper edit will be committed to the web site when its finished.


One more investor has joined the TC investment team. That leaves us with only 16,500 left of the budget to raise. The minimum investment is, as always, 500, so we have room for only 33 more investors. Remember, if you dont have the whole 500, you can go in with a mate or two with one of you being responsible for distributing the profit to the others. The remaining budget will be used to fund the postproduction of the project including logging, editing, grading and onlining. For more information on investing, please email us at
Thats it. As always, wed love to hear from you. Write with any comments or questions.