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Friday, April 29, 2005

Skanky Girl

difficult to get up this morning. i opted for an extra 15 minutes of sleep instead of washing my hair. i have become skanky girl. i've found that a little talcum powder on the roots of the hair obsorbs oil. then you can go another day without washing your hair, and you have that fresh talc feeling. what am i saying?

went into the day job and worked for 8 hours to work off some debt to my employer. i am thankful to soon be free of debt.

watched hitchhiker's guide to the universe. unremarkably relaxing comedy. liked the book better.

home to leftovers from last night's mombo jombo food. patrick is cooking for himself now, so he makes real food. i'm glad he is cooking.

digitized 4 tapes. still on schedule. loads of good tokyo stuff, mark and kanya in omotesando and nick, mark and kanya at the driving range. good, good times.

citibank japan put a block on my account. they said that they'd lost track of me and were afraid. it will take a week for them to unblock. two new investors tried to transfer money but were blocked. OK! i am thankful that i still have the account and that the investors are still interested.

another busy day tomorrow. but, i promised myself i'd go to the gym as a reward. i've somehow convinced my gp to sort me out with a free gym in Covent Garden. it's an awesome place with loads of natural lights and the biggest weight room in the city. i'm thankful because my gp rocks!