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Friday, April 01, 2005

Another free meal

It was the end of term screenings at LFS today. Kind of depressing as there I was getting a free meal. I thought I'd be finished with this scrounging by now. Worked the whole day at the school. I shouldn't complain. It's a good gig. But, I wish I could spend 24/7 working on tokyo cowboys. that's not gonna happen unless we're fully funded. Here's what I need...the rest of the damn budget. With it, Patrick and I could dedicate 100% of our time to the film, and we could definitely finish it in time for the Sundance deadline. Without the funding, we might be able to finish by the end of the year. It's really &^*ing frustrating. For as many great people who have supported us, there are those who have promised and pledged money, but they never give it. Some have even promised several times and pulled out several times. This is really what I hate about independent filmmaking.

Logged another two hours after work. Today was only a 14 hour day. Maybe Kurt was right. Maybe I am stupid to follow this path. Maybe I should have worked at the sugar factory for 35 years so that I could have my pension and sit in the back yard and drink beer and smoke cigarettes at 10:30 a.m. in the land of the free. Nahhhh. I could do that now if beer didn't give me a headache and cigareets didn't give me lung cancer.

I miss my family. It's cold in my flat even with the heat. It's damp, and I can never get it out of my bones. New Orleans is warm. I miss the southern warmth.