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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Cancer of the Knee

Patrick does not have cancer of the knee. He does, however, have oesto-arthritus. The good news is that we'll be able to tell the weather by his knee. So, he was shooting for 6 weeks, walking up and down stairs and humping all of that equipment with arthritus. He's a angel sent from heaven.

Simon the Composer

Met with Simon Rogers. He was something that dropped out of the sky. I put an ad on shooting people looking for a mentor. Three people responded--a producer, an editor and Simon. Simon is a composer and has been in the business for a long time. He sent me a CD last week, and I really liked his stuff. I went by his studio today, and we talked about him scoring TC. Some of my ideas were to sample cowboy voices with different strains of music to create a theme for each one of them. I'd also like to keep it Western as this is western. Some of my references are Dead Man, Zatoichi and Rabbit Proof Fence. Dead Man because of the Western themes only replacing some of the traditional western instruments with Japanese ones. That's where Zatoichi comes in. The music was amazing. Then, in Rabbit Proof Fence, Peter Gabriel used a lot of sounds from the desert landscape. I told Simon that I'd like to use sounds from the urban landscape to make up the layers of the score. It was a good meeting, and Simon is coming on board.

This is Simon in his Studio, which happens to be in his back garden!