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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Web Site Up and Running

I finally got the website up and running. That took weeks. It seems that the pics on some screens are really dark. Not sure what to do about that. They look alright on some and not good on others!

I got a list of Japanese companies in the UK that sponsor the arts from DB at the Embassy. He's been really supportive of me and the project. I think there were six companies. I called all of them today with my spiel. All of them said "no," and one said "write a letter." The thing is that I know I have a great film. I've seen the rushes...I know the story...the characters. It's just trying to convice people of that...trying to convice people with money of that.

Been talking a lot to Aki and Ken over email. They encourage me. In fact, I'm getting so much encouragement from Japan...from the cowboys and from the community at large. It makes these really lean times better.


Just spent a mind numbing 2 hours transcribing and logging one, yes one, tape.