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Friday, January 07, 2005


I've met with some really good ones, but I still can't decide. I keep thinking that I will click with "the one." It's like looking for Mr. Right. You just know. I haven't had that feeling yet. Maybe I'm asking for too much.

Any suggestions? I really need a kick ass editor, and I need him/her soon.

Exhibition Ideas

The owners of the Chalmette Movies 9, a locally owned and operated movietheater in St. Bernard Parish, have a nine-screen theater which is constantly trying to dedicate its ninth screen to showing more independent and foreign films. So many films are overshadowed these daysby the plight of the big Hollywood blockbusters. They are showing three such films this January: "Primer," "Tae-Guk-Gi: The Brotherhood of War" and "Bright Young Things." Admission is regularly $5.50, but for NOFF members with this email or a valid membership card will be charged $4.00. The Chalmette Movies 9 is only fifteen minutes from the French Quarter and only twenty minutes from Metairie. We are located at 8700 West JudgePerez Drive, next door to Luther's Bar-B-Q, about two miles past JacksonBarracks.

Opportunity to DISTRIBUTE your shorts & meet fellow filmmakers, LondonFrom: jason*at*
Dear Fellow Writers, Film-makers, Tea Makers, Directors, Producers, Actors, Musicians, et al… We continue our Network Meetings in North Finchley *at* the Autumn House on; Mon 10th and 24th January *at* 8pm So come along, network, write and make films with people who are as crazy about film as you. Nearest tube: Woodside Park. (Northern Line) Further details; mark*at*

Note to Cloudy

Hey Cloudy,

It's so good to hear from you. I was just watching footage of you yesterday. It's like being with you visiting. I really love looking at the footage now. I went through a really bad patch with it where I didn't want to look at anything. I'm over that now, I think. It's just that the scale is kind of frightening, but I have a handle on it. I've logged everything now.
I'm envious of your beach action. I really had fun at that place. The people were great out there, even if they did set the roof on fire.

Jacky has been getting some camera work, so we have been able to eat meat again (well, he's eating meat). I've given up chicken for a while because of the bird flu, so I'm just on the fish. He's in pre-production for a film he's shooting in March. Check out our non-TC website for details ( He also just finished a short about we torture ourselves and each other in relationships.

I would absolutely love to have the premiere in Tokyo. When the time gets closer, I'm going to put out feelers to see how we can manage it. I figure with all the people we know in Tokyo, we should be able to rustle up something. Jacky always talks about wanting to go to Tokyo without a camera and just holiday. We must do it.

Jacky's knee is still in limbo. I think he's going home to Sweden to have an operation in the next two months.

Really appreciate the offer to stay with you. You are always welcome here as well.

Say hey to Aya.