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Saturday, March 09, 2002

Watching Tapes of Japan

I've been watching my old tapes of Japan trying to get a feel for it again. There were so many strange many things that I'd forgotten...things on the street. I even filmed myself having a nervous breakdown...5 hours of tapes of my crying pathetically.

I could even smell it...Tokyo It was such a strange place, and I swore that I would never go back. Now I'm seriously considering it. BG has put the seed in my head.

I need money. I'm flat broke, and you can't shoot a film on that. Aronofsky had this idea of asking everyone he knew for $100 to complete Pi. He raised $3000 by doing this. I'm thinking of asking everyone I know in Japan for money to do this film. Is that a stupid idea? I need a proposal...I need to get things straight in my head about what this film is going to be about. I don't think I'll have a proper budget. I can sleep on people's floors...rummage in the trash for food. Yes, oh yes.

The tapes are...strange. Everyone was together then...Mark, Ken, Rand, Steve, Bryan, Muro, everybody else I could name. We were like a big family. Everything fell apart after I left. Well, not BECAUSE I left. I just happened to abandon the ship before it sank. I wonder what it's like there now.