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Sunday, April 17, 2005

President of the US

Just capturing the footage of Jason talking about how he wants to become President of the US, and it's a bit inspirational.

Other than that, things suck. Officially 15 days late with the rent. Patrick has money coming in for two gigs, but it hasn't come in yet. That will cover the late rent. How we'll make the next rent payment is a mystery that I will leave up to God. Called Sagan in a panic today asking if she knew of a free place to stay. She said she'd ask around. I think if we can get a place for free, we'd be sorted. But, we'd need to be central where we could walk anywhere we need to go. Can't afford the tube. Can't even afford the bus. Some days, can't even afford food. But, hey...all for the cause. Just can't let myself get down.

Also started to seriously consider the fact that I need a producer. I thought I could do this thing on my own after Gavin left. But, I just can't. I need a business partner who can do all of the producing stuff. I met a woman who might be the one. Put in a phone call, but waiting to hear back from her.

Just have to keep capturing, keep working on the paper edit. As long as I do that, I can put up with anything.