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Thursday, December 14, 2006


This morning, after berating myself in my journal for pages about not being further along on Tokyo Cowboys, I came to the conclusion that I have director's block. I have always prided myself over never having had writer's block. I don't believe in it. If you can't write anything, it just means that you need to do more research. And research is part of the writing process. But, directing...that's a whole new kettle of fish. So, I've been blocked...afraid...not knowing what to do or where to turn.

I decided that I would do two hours of Tokyo Cowboys today no matter what. Only two hours because I was working a full day at the day job. Add to that shopping for dinner, cooking and cleaning, and I've already put in 10 hours of work before even sitting down to Cowboys.

So, I got home, announced to Patrick that I was on a tight schedule and booted him off the computer. I got through three minutes of the cut before the computer crashed. It took me 20 minutes to coax it into allowing me to watch the cut again. It's 56 minutes long. I reckon, we'll have another hour once we finish the first cut, which I hope to do by 15 February. I made notes about where to intercut the other characters (this cut only focuses on Ken) and where to search for Voice Over. So, tomorrow, after another 10 hours at the day job and life's essentials, I'll start looking for voice over. That means reviewing hours and hours of transcripts.

But, I will finish this flipping film. And I will finish it by Spring. And it will be good.

On a more positive note, we got the loan check today for the new computer. I'm going to order it as soon as the check clears. Maybe that will help us to move faster.