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Sunday, April 21, 2002

SE is in!

I got an email from SE yesterday. He's up for having us film him. That's Mark, Rand, Bryan and now SE.

This idea of "Adult Disneyland"..."Economic Hostages." Peter Pan syndrome. That should be a good springboard. I wonder if they still go out to Roppongi.

The proposal is nowhere near being ready, but I think I will have a good draft of it before the end of the day tomorrow. Then I can discuss the project with Ben and Alan.

I cut off all of my hair yesterday. The plan is to not cut it until the film is finished. Let's see how long it can get. This is what I look like with short hair:

SE wants to slag off everyone, which I think is good...a little bit of controversy...a little bit of conflict. That's good.

Not really up for "talking heads" interviews, but I'm not really sure how to get around it. Thinking about using the sound from their interviews and making it like some kind of poetry over sequences...kind of like T. Malick. But he's the master of this, and I am not worthy.

I've lost my passport.