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Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Trip so Far

Start packing on Tuesday. Load up the van then go for a sandwich. So stressed about the move, etc. that I grab the wrong sandwich--tuna mayo. I hate mayo. Kick the wall, severely bruise my foot and can't walk. Patrick is livid. Call Robert and cry on the phone. He arrives in 30 minutes with frappichinos. Finish packing, but can't use the foot so crawl around on the floor to pack things up. Knees get bruised up. Go to the hospital for X-Rays. Foot isn't broken, but have to walk on crutches for about two weeks.

Clean the flat, do all of the last minute things, and stuff everything else into 9 bags. Spend the last night in the flat. Taxi to Kings Cross station, 3 hour train to Newcastle, 30 minute bus ride to the port of New Castle. Four big, heavy bags in toe including desktop computer, three heavy hard drives, 500 mini-DV tapes and what we need to live for the next three months.

24 hours on the boat to Gothenberg where we meet Patrick's mom to hand off most of the luggage. 5 hour train ride to Copenhagen to meet Patrick's sister (Ingrid) and her boyfriend, Rune. We take a Taxi, they take the bikes. Taxi driver drops us off at the wrong address. No credit on the phone to call Ingrid, so walk/limp 10 minutes to a pay phone. Don't have Ingrid's number, so try to call Patrick's mom in Sweden. Can't make international collect calls on the pay phone.

Walk/limp another 20 minutes to a hotel where I beg the concierge to let us call Sweden on his house phone. He lets us. Patrick's mom doesn't pick up. Try to call information to get Ingrid's number. Nothing. The concierge is astounded that we have neither Ingrid's number nor her address. "And, she's your sister?" he asks incredulously. We decide to go back to the station. Walk another 10 minutes to the station. 10 minutes later Rune finds us. We finally make it back to the flat where Patrick's sister has been hysterical over what could have happened to us.

I just want to start editing. But, we've got another few days before we can get set up. My foot hurts, it's purple and swollen. I want to make sure the computer is OK, that the hard drives are OK. I want to dig in.