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Saturday, April 02, 2005

outfoxed: the documentary

just saw it. i urge every american to see that film. then i recommend you write your congressmen. and, if you are in washington d.c., request a meeting with someone at the fcc.

classic example of activist filmmaking. it seems that documentary is fast becomming the alternative free press. i'd like to see more personalized examples.

Paid Work

Trying to write more consistently. Patrick came home from Ireland late last night. He's been shooting a music video there. PAID! That means we'll be able to pay the rent this month. Our patron who has been so generous cannot continue our funding. We thank her for her support.

That was paying the rent (or at least half of it) for 6 months. With funding gone, we have to somehow piece that money together. So thank God for this gig.

He's exhaused, and he's working this weekend as well. But, that's more rent money, so we can't really complain. I felt pretty bad. Patrick left early morning to shoot, and I stayed in bed with a sore throat. I know it has something to do with the damp in our room. It keeps us sick most of the time. The council won't fix it, and neither will our landlord.

Managed to capture two hours. It takes about two hours per tape to capture, so we are trying to do at least 2 tapes a day.

Dinner with Vonda and Ross later.