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Monday, December 04, 2006


Just got email from SSB. They are gonna do it! They are going to loan us the money (interest free) to buy the new suite. Oh happy day, oh happy day. I am filled with gratitude to the great power.

My Space

Been investigating Myspace at the urging of my niece, the technocrati Dominique Elizabeth Thompson. "It's only the place for all the cool people, Nene. So, if you want your film to be cool, then myspace it." So, OK. I've gone on, gotten myself an account and uploaded some stuff. I must say that I'm a little bit addicted now.

No news from SSB about the loan for the new editing suite, but no news is good news as they say. There might be another option: a Natwest Credit Card (0% interest on the first 9 months). I don't see why they won't give me one as they have given me an obnoxious amound of "credit" on my overdraft.