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Thursday, June 16, 2005

The True Stories...

...of the Tokyo Cowboys. Thinking about expanding the title to that. Thinking about blurring the borders between fiction and documentary.

Transcribed BN's interview this morning. I heard he crashed and burned out of Tokyo. Not as many as you would expect crash and burn. But, when they do, they do it big. Like DH who tried to saw his foot off before he passed out from blood loss. Now, what was he thinking? What would make him believe that sawing his own foot off is a good idea.

Stories...stories, story truths. historiographic metafiction.

"there are truths that lie beyond the reach of the selective, linear, sequential grasp of narrative. The Fragment, the Quotation, or the image might b e closer to the ambiguous reality of things." dunnigan

tokyo is a place not quite story, not quite true.
send me a post card from the real world
where the normal laws of physics apply

we can take more risks
we can be more free
and because we control the flow of information back to the real world
we can never fail.
we can never f*&k up.
The only f*&k up is to get kicked out of disneyland.
And that doesn't happen very often