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Tuesday, April 23, 2002


I was brainstorming with Patrick about the film, and he says that all of my ideas are too general. I sent questions to all the guys to get the ball try to find the story. Something specific, something personal. They all went to Japan. Why Japan? The Asian mystique. They all have "salesmen" like qualities.

Patrick insists that documentary is about capturing the "here and now." The backstory must be kept to a minimum. Business, headhunting, the way they do business.

I keep thinking about the women.

Keep digging, keep doing the research. Look for patterns in the information. Patterns will emerge.

I have completely run out of money. And, we are all holding our breath to see if Adam passes his course. If he fails, he'll have to go back to Sweden. But I think he will pass. I feel like, even though we don't have any money and we are in danger of losing our flat, everything is going to work out just fine.

Patrick was up again all last night working on his showreel, so we're both tired and cranky today.