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Saturday, August 13, 2005

It's My Birthday

13 August

This is the 4th birthday I'm spending with Tokyo Cowboys. I am 40 today. I'm not really sure how to feel. I guess I feel like just only Daneeta. TC will be my first feature film, and I will finish it in my 40th year. You don't hear about filmmakers like me. You only hear about filmmakers who pick up a super 8 camera at aged 4, make their first feature at 6, then go to Hollywood to make it big and end up in rehab by 10. But surely, there must be filmmakers who started later...where are all of the late bloomers?

I feel filled with stories...fat with them...dare I saw pregnant with them. There are so many of them that I want to get out before I die. That's how I know that I will live well into my 90s. There are just too many stories.

It's good here. Rockhammer is good. No London distractions of trying to figure out how we're gonna pay this bill or the rent. No guilt over not being able to spend enough time on TC because we're working double shifts. The double shifts are spent on TC now. And that is good.