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Thursday, May 26, 2005

After many months

of competing with various projects for Patrick's time, I've finally got him back on Tokyo Cowboys (at least part time). He's logging 5 tapes a day. This puts a bit ahead of schedule. We'll be finished logging and digitizing by the time we leave for Sweden in early August.

I'm working 6 days a week with temping and one-off gigs to get the money together for when we go full time with the editing. Today, I've got a stills photography gig for a corporate client and tomorrow a video gig for the same client. It's small money, but it's work.

Meeting Gavin tonight. We've not seen him in months, and he's keen to get an update on TC.

An investor at the midnight hour...a new investor called me from Japan at 2 a.m. wanting to know the bank account number. I have arranged with citibank to unblock the account for one day for this deposit to take place. It seems that there is some probelm with my change of address request. They are not sure if they want to accept my English address, and they keep telling me that the change of address form is incorrect. They've sent the form back to me twice. Oh well...soon everything will be sorted.

Trying to arrange for our housing post October when we'll be coming back from Sweden. Trying to get on the list early. Convinced the landlord to give us our deposit back and a little discount on the flat because of the damp.