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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Back from Leeds

Visited Natalie up in Leeds over the weekend. We didn't move from her sofa the whole weekend...eating crisps and watching Glastonbury on TV. It was FAB.

Now I'm back to it. Been reading a lot about Postmodernism...the critique of grand narratives, merging of subject and object, situational, provisional, contingent and temporary...making no claim to universality, truth, reason or stability.

Let me just say right now: if there is ever a conflict between story truths and what people like to call objectivity, I will always err on the side of the story truth...that is, I think story can give us more truth than recalling something objectively. Does that make this NOT documentary? I never claimed to be a documentarian, though. I'm a story-teller...always have been, always will be.

Tokyo...early 21st Century. This is the new frontier. I'm looking for men with substance...larger than life, rife with archetype and tragic flaws. I'm looking for cowboys.

I'm so bleeding tired. I think I could sleep for a week. Working full time and then doing TC stuff in the evening...only a few more weeks. Then we're off to Sweden.

Booked the boat, gave notice at the job and our flat, so we're really going into seclusion. It's so cliche, but seems the right thing to do.